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Hi! I mailed the CDs today, so you should have them in 8-10 days. I have written on the box that they are promotional CDs, so hopefully customs won't charge you too much. cheerz, Erik

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ACIDSOXX, 6 mars 2005

hello again... everything is okay with the CD booklets... I will be receiving them Tuesday... then I can send you your copies... I told you I would send you 100 copies, but if you are willing to receive them without jewel boxes (just CDs & inserts) then...

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sorry to leave you waiting... I have been in Australia for the past month playing some shows and I have just returned... hope you had a good visit to Brasil! Your CDs have arrived from the factory, but the books have not. Tomorrow I will call to find...

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Hello Christophe. I'm glad you received and liked the "cariokas"! Just a small gift for giving us such a great joy with the Klimperei CD for our little daughter. We live in Xanthi, North Greece. The postcard shows some places from the Old Town part. Sea...

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hello christophe,maybe al and del is better because of what you call ridiculous english. the middle of 2005 is fine to consider things as my plate is plenty full enough. [...]frankp.s. if i'm feeling inspired i might occasionally send you material. it...

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hello christophe, i hope your new year is a bright one. [...] on reflection i'm afraid the cdr i sent you was a bit last minute and doesn't contain the best material. i'd still like to consider another collaboration if you have any ideas. i recently listened...

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