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samedi 7 juin 2003 19:09:55

hehe, dear christophe!how are you?i hope this will find you well. listen: in august, ouzel records will be 5 years old.i have no time to celebrate this anniversary with another printed release (ugh!!! i still have to send you one copy of the new morose...

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f. pahl, mardi 20 mai 2003 15:16:09

hello christophe,just thought i'd drop a line and tell you how much i'm enjoying al & del. i think it will take multiple listens to absorb the music and your role as a crooner but hey, i'm still on the fence when it comes to bing crosby (a second rate...

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f. pahl, mardi 11 mars 2003 15:48:27

hello christophe,i hope the move and separation have not been too traumatic. i just returned from japan and for what it's worth your music has fans there and itoken and kyoko both enjoyed their visit with you. as for me, i couldn't be happier with my...

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